June 2023 Monthly Review

Our dog Rubee in the grass with her tongue out.

“There are two seasons in Scotland: June and Winter”

Billy Connolly

June highlights included mostly great weather in Scotland which equated to two full days of hiking: Beinn Narnain and The Cobbler and Ben Lomond. I also started the month in Prague, which is one of my new favorite cities. Last month I said I’d focus on doing some more drawing, which actually turned into some painting. I’ve been slowing a bit on my year of reading (I blame Hyrule), so next month, I hope to get back to my books for longer.

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Week 22 (June 1 – 4)

I started the month in Prague on a work trip. Walking across the bridges and running along the river, I was reminded of a smaller Paris and a larger Venice. I can’t wait to go back.

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Week 23 (June 5 – 11)

I got home from Prague super late on Monday and had a day off to recoup on Tuesday. I was missing my runs in that city. I also published my monthly review for May and made a pact to do more drawing in June. At least I did this doodle while I was traveling.

I used (some) of that time to follow up on my recent coaching conversation and consider my career goals from two perspectives. I think I’m pretty comfortable with both.

My son Sam lost his first tooth (and then his second one a few days later).

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Related to (maybe) the career goals writing and change in general, I shared a change management framework I thought was helpful.

Also, we organized a roller skating party for Vivian’s birthday. Hilarious to see the kids trying it for the first time, and Kav and I skated and (mostly) fell with them too.

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Week 24 (June 12 – 18)

This week was very chill. I had an extra day off before my real day off (for my birthday). I was treated to a nice lunch with Kav as well as a free day for hiking in the hills (Beinn Narnain and The Cobbler).

I spent the weekend with the kids playing games (Zelda BOTW) and doing some drawing and painting. The only thing we didn’t get to do was get to the new Spiderman movie (Sam wasn’t well), but we’ll try again this week.

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Week 25 (June 19 – 25)

This was a bit of an “in-between” week. We aren’t quite at the end of the school year yet and have some travel coming but it’s still a couple weeks out. The weather was good (at the beginning of the week anyway) so it felt a little lazy and easy breezy and enjoyable.


I did some drawing (I promised myself last month I would do more) and celebrated the summer solstice with more drawing.

I also went on a hike up Ben Lomond for the third time since moving to Scotland. The weather was terrible but despite that it was still better than not doing it.

I started a couple of new books last week as well (Green Hills of Africa by Ernest Hemingway and Excellent Advice for Living: Wisdom I Wish I’d Known Earlier by Kevin Kelly and am still playing Breath of the Wild every chance I get.

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Week 26 (June 26 – 30)

This last week felt busy, but I don’t know why, really. Last week of school for the kids and we had a weekend trip to Glencoe and The Jackobite Steam Train. Also we have a trip to the US coming up next week. I shared my favorite music of June but have a big backlog of other writing that is queuing up, and I need to get it out.

I’m ready for some heat in July.✌️

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