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Writing and drawings about work, family and the stuff in-between

“You are not what you do. What you are is how you do it.”

Hiya, 👋🏼 Nick here!

Family shot with sun in the background.

I’m a dad, husband, and son who sometimes draws and writes about stuff that is interesting to me. I love creating and building things with my kids, and, if I’m forced to, other adults as well. I mostly write a about life and work, and share a weekly series of learnings.

In my spare time, I work with Automattic as a Happiness Engineer. 😎

What else?

✏️ Most of what is shared here is from me, but my wife and kids are omnipresent and heavy contributors.

🇺🇸 ↔ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 I’m currently living in Scotland by way of Seattle.

🌥 Here is what we’re up to now.

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  • What I learned last week (#187): falling through Jupiter

    Last week was the first week of part-time work for me, which was a bit of a strange feeling. All of the “extra” time this frees up (which accounts to only 16 hours) was eaten up quickly by the kids and house so it didn’t feel more relaxed. If anything, it just felt like I […]

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  • We all could use more Radical Acceptance

    “Radical Acceptance is the art of engaging fully in this world” The final chapter of Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach brings all of the themes of the book together for one final reminder: None of us are separate. None of us are unworthy.

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  • Illustration of a an abstract mountain made up of checkboxes.

    Don’t break the chain, except when you need to

    I’m a big fan of consistency. I’m a believer that small daily habits add up to monumental achievements. It’s well known that the comedian Jerry Seinfeld said his advice to anyone getting started was to write every day and “don’t break the chain”. Write a joke every day. Draw something every day. Run every day. […]

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  • Amplify and Reduce Goals for August 2022

    I started a ritual last April of monthly habit changes designed around Cal Newport’s strategy for Cultivating a Deep Life. I’ve noticed a difference in my daily experience and I’ve been enjoying sharing the process for the past several months. Here is my short reflection on July and an even shorter setup for August.

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  • Take your “self” out of it

    When you are thinking about what other people are doing, did, or are about to do, take yourself out of it. For example, you might think “My friends went to the park and didn’t invite me.” Remove that last bit. “My friends went to the park.” That’s all you really know anyway, isn’t it? Likewise, […]

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