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Writing and drawings about work, family and the stuff in-between

“You are not what you do. What you are is how you do it.”

Hiya, 👋🏼 Nick here!

Family shot with sun in the background.

I’m a dad, husband, and son who sometimes draws and writes about stuff that is interesting to me. I love creating and building things with my kids, and, if I’m forced to, other adults as well. I mostly write a about life and work, and share a weekly series of learnings.

In my spare time, I work with Automattic as a Happiness Engineer. 😎

What else?

✏️ Most of what is shared here is from me, but my wife and kids are omnipresent and heavy contributors.

🇺🇸 ↔ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 I’m currently living in Scotland by way of Seattle.

🌥 Here is what we’re up to now.

🖋️ Recent Posts

  • What I learned last week (#180): kindness matters most

    A weekly selection of what I was reading, drawing, writing, and doing.

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  • Dancing in the dark

    One of my favorite albums from last month was Benny Sings’ EP Santa Barbara and my favorite track on the album is a cover of Dancing in the dark, the famous single from Bruce Springsteen’s epic Born in the USA. I’ve heard the song many times before but something about hearing it now really made […]

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  • Artist Black Coffee

    My favorite albums of June 2022

    I love searching out new music. June felt like a bit of a slow month in that regard but I still found plenty to share. Here are my favorite album discoveries from the past month.

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  • Why having an imbalanced work-life balance is actually a good thing

    I haven’t been devoting as much time to my work this year. Sure, I’m doing the essentials of my job, and am doing those well enough, but I’m not really pushing myself quite like I was at the end of last year. Personal stuff is requiring a lot of headspace and that’s what I’ve been […]

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