Change management and naming your discomfort


I stole this one from the excellent Addy Osmani.

Change can be hard. Big changes can feel overwhelming. When we’re struggling with change, it can be difficult to identify what, exactly, is the issue. That’s where this change management model can be really helpful.

The model was created by Dr. Mary Lippitt, a leadership and management consultant who specializes in helping organizations navigate through change.

managing complex

Although the model is meant for organizational changes, I think you can use it equally well for life changes.

There is also a version with an additional column for “Consensus,” which can be an important addition when you are going through change with a partner.

I think these models are really helpful for “reverse engineering” the cause of a problem. Think about how you are feeling (anxious, frustrated, etc) and map that to the model. What’s missing in your process?

It’s not foolproof, but I’m finding it helpful at the moment.

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