Running along the Vltava River in Prague

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Running while traveling is one of the best ways to get comfortable in a new place. This past week I was lucky enough to be in Prague and went on a few runs along the Vlatava river. Here are a few photos from my morning jogs.

Prague is very pedestrian-friendly, and it’s super easy to run along the river as there is unbroken trail/paths all the way through the city. Of course, there is crazy history and architecture to look at as you go. It’s so dense with scenery it’s hard to know where to look. The number of museums, great food spots, excellent beer, clean roads and sidewalks, and on and on made a big impression on me. They say Prague is the “political, cultural, and economic hub of central Europe” and I believe it. I can’t wait to come back.

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  1. Phil Severson Avatar
    Phil Severson

    Oh wow!! What an experience!!

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