May 2023 Monthly Review

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May highlights include hiking Ben Venue, volunteering at my kid’s school running club, celebrating my daughter Vivian’s birthday (she had quite a birthday list), re-starting The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, reading The Wayfinders, and changing my morning schedule. The month felt like it flew by, and I didn’t fit in any drawing, so that’s going to be a focus for next month (I need to keep earning my title). Thanks, May I had a great time with you.

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My artsy pic of rocks on Ben Venue

Week 18 (May 1 – 7)

The equation for Monday May 1st was this: Public holiday (off work) + wife off work (kid-free) + May 1st (weather was ok) = hiking Ben Venue. So good to be out in the hills again.

Also we got back out on the bikes a last week too (more than once). Thank goodness for spring!

I came across a couple of great ideas in a recent podcast with Derek Sivers, namely that you have to keep earning your title or it expires.

zen banana
Be the banana

I kept up my monthly reviews this year by publishing the April edition.

I’ve also been volunteering at my kid’s school running club for the past month, and it’s one of my favorite things to look forward to each week.

running club

Week 19 (May 8 – 14)

I finished reading The Wayfinders by Wade Davis and felt compelled to write about it because it had (is having) quite an impact on how I’m seeing the world at the moment.

We joined a Eurovision party with my brother-in-law (who is a fanatic) and it was actually pretty good fun to watch with a group.

The family and I went to the Glasgow Coffee Festival on Sunday May 14 and had a great time. We kept the kids off the coffee but they had ice cream and doughnuts so we all had a good buzz going by the end.

vivian 10th birthday invite private
The birthday invite

Week 20 (May 15 – 21)

I’ve started to change my schedule and wake up an hour earlier (or more) in the morning. I actually used to do this before last winter and don’t know how/why I stopped. Now my days seem to be much more relaxed. It’s amazing what some alone time first thing in the day has done for me.

Instead of starting the newest game, I re-started The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild after realizing I had never finished it (and last played it nearly five years ago to the day). I’m so happy I did.

My year of reading continues (even with some Zelda-fueled slowdowns now), and I’m reading stuff just for fun, which is very refreshing.

We spent the week gearing up for my daughter Vivian’s birthday, for which she created a pretty awesome gift list and party invite.

The kids have also been obsessed with going to the park to play recently. I don’t what brought on this recent surge in park trips, but I love riding our bikes, so no complaints from me!

IMG 3835 1

Also, in a nefarious development, our garden waste bin somehow went missing this week after the weekly pick-up. I don’t know if someone stole it or it was lost in the truck but it’s super annoying, and now I’m spying in all the neighbor’s gardens to see if I can spot the thief!

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Being a tourist in Glasgow

Week 21 (May 22 – 28)

Last week we celebrated my daughter Vivian’s birthday. She had quite a birthday list, so we had a lot going on for that. Also, my Mom and father-in-law were also visiting, which meant we did some tourist stuff while enjoying the nice weather in Glasgow (for a change).

IMG 4042

I’ve been going on more consistent runs over the past couple of weeks and collecting notes and thoughts about it.

The month is flying by, and I haven’t been doing as much art as I would like. I need to get back to that next month…


Week 22 (May 29 – 31)

I shared my favorite albums of the month like Jessie Ware, Alfa Mist, and Y La Bamba.

Also, this week I traveled to Prague for a work trip and re-read one of my favorite books, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. The book came to my attention recently, and I had the urge to revisit it. It’s the perfect quick read for a couple of flights.

Remember, there is no failure in sports, just stepping stones. Pretty great perspective here.

I’m ready for June now.✌️

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