Hiking in Scotland: Beinn Narnain and The Cobbler

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Summer is (has been) in full swing here in Scotland, at least for another day or two. I’ve had a few days off for my birthday, so the conditions were perfect for a hike. I did a route I’d been wanting to do for a long time up to one of the most iconic hills in Scotland, The Cobbler, and added another, Beinn Narnain, for good measure.

Beinn Narnain is 926 m (3,038 ft) which means it’s a Munro (over 3k ft):

Beinn Narnain (sometimes anglicised as Ben Narnain) is a mountain in the southern Highlands of Scotland, near Arrochar. It forms part of a group of hills known (unofficially) as the Arrochar Alps, and is a Munro. The name Beinn Narnain means “hill of notches”, and describes the mountain’s notched profile.

Approaching Beinn Narnain

The Cobbler (aka Ben Arthur) is 884 m (2,900 ft) which means it’s a Corbett (between 2,500–3,000 feet):

The Cobbler (Scottish GaelicBeinn Artair) is an 884 metres (2,900 ft) mountain located near the head of Loch Long in Argyll and Bute, Scotland. It is a Corbett, and is an important site for rock climbing in the Southern Highlands.

It is named for its large rocky summit features which are supposed to represent a cobbler bending over his last. The features are visible many miles away from the mountain. Despite the mountain falling short of Munro height, due to its summit features and ease of access, it is one of the most popular mountains in Scotland.

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Approaching the Cobbler
A ridge out to one of main features of The Cobbler

Not too much else to say except this was beautiful hiking all around. I’ve actually grow to enjoy the mix of sun and rain on a typical Scotland hike, so today’s zero clouds and full sun experience was a bit different, but I’m not complaining. Check out the views! Can’t be mad at that.

Here is the route I followed (but I cut out the Beinn Ime portion):

Download file for GPS

Here is my Garmin tracker from the hike:

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  1. Stunning scenery and I hope you had some sun cream!

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