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Writing and drawings about work, family and the stuff in-between

“You are not what you do. What you are is how you do it.”

Hiya, 👋🏼 Nick here!

Family shot with sun in the background.

I’m a dad, husband, and son who sometimes draws and writes about stuff that is interesting to me. I love creating and building things with my kids, and, if I’m forced to, other adults as well. I mostly write a about life and work, and share a weekly series of learnings.

In my spare time, I work with Automattic as a Happiness Engineer. 😎

What else?

✏️ Most of what is shared here is from me, but my wife and kids are omnipresent and heavy contributors.

🇺🇸 ↔ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 I’m currently living in Scotland by way of Seattle.

🌥 Here is what we’re up to now.

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  • A circular monument with a hole in the center and lake scenery in the background.

    What I learned last week (#191): open a door and beckon

    Last week was kind of half-and-half. Half was really good. I was riding the energy. The other half I wished I made some different decisions. The energy was riding me. Still having a hard time adjusting to the different schedule and demands of running the house half the time and running work half the time. […]

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  • My annual hike up Ben Lomond ☀️

    Exactly a year ago, literally almost to the day, I hiked Ben Lomond for the first time. Today I got out again with many of the same group. After having a tough day yesterday and feeling a bit confused at the end of this week, the walk was just what I needed. I spent as […]

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  • Close up of a jar of peanut rãyu and a spoon.

    Peanut Rãyu aka the best condiment ever

    I saw this jar of White Mausu’s Peanut Rãyu on the shelf of my local shop (Locavore) and took a chance. I love chillis and peanuts and asian food but that wasn’t it exactly. Something about it called to me, and I answered.

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  • Making a Minecraft Dungeons-themed birthday invite

    My son’s bday is coming up in just under a month. I have been wanting to get back into my design tools a bit more. So why not take it upon myself to dip my toes into a real project and make up a birthday invite? That’s what I did this week (it was one […]

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  • On The Miseducation of Eunice Waymon and supporting good things

    Right now, I’m listening to the crazy good Nina Simone & Lauryn Hill mash-up album, The Miseducation of Eunice Waymon, from Amerigo Gazaway. It was released back in 2018 and hasn’t lost any of its shine. It’s incredible. It’s also free. I believe the world of music is a better place because of this project […]

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