Glencoe and The Jackobite Steam Train

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Two things we were reminded about last weekend:

  1. Scotland’s scenery is charming and beautiful, even when (or because of?) the fact that the weather is infuriatingly bad
  2. Traveling “slow” is underrated; something we don’t do often enough

Both of these things we learned on a wee weekend outing to Fort William in the north of Scotland to kick off our summer vacation.

Riding The Jackobite steam train

This was cooler than I expected. You sit in restored mid-19th century carriages, pulled by an actual steam engine, and get to see some epic countryside. The train is slow, and you have a lot of time to play cards, read, or have a drink (or two). It’s a good reminder about how relaxing travel can, or should, be.

Visiting Glencoe

Although Scotland doesn’t boast about having mountains with great heights, the Scotts certainly do make a fuss about the drama and beauty of their hills, and for good reason. Glencoe is one of the most epic places I’ve ever been. Although I couldn’t go on any big hikes with the family in tow, we did a little hill trail, got to see a traditional 17th-century turf and creel house, and were spoiled by a few rare sun breaks.

Adventuring in Scotland can be pretty epic.

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