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Question for you: What is one activity you are naturally drawn to? Can you spend 5 minutes doing it today?

One of those things for me is drawing. I’m an amateur, but I love doing it. I spent 5 minutes (and then some) drawing our dog Rubee today:

IMG 4436
IMG 4439
The original image I was thinking about when drawing Rubee is on Flickr.

Over the weekend, I spent 5 minutes (and then some) painting the hills where I last walked:

IMG 4427

They’re both small and quick but I did 2 more drawings than I had before.

I came across this idea in 3-2-1: The value of reading one good book per year, and lessons on kindness and generosity – James Clear

It’s surprising how just trying to do something for 5 minutes is enough to break through any excuses for not doing it.

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  1. I am naturally drawn to wasting time on the internet and I do magnitudes of that (what is 5 mins?!!!) each day 🤣

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