What we’re doing now

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

  • Week of Feb 17

    After two major (named) winter storms in two consecutive weekends, the winter is dragging on us a bit. Playing tourist with my Dad, a visit to St Andrews and spending time together playing games with hot drinks is getting us through.

  • Week of Feb 10

    My Dad arrived last week from the States. The first time he’s ever been in Scotland (or outside the US)! Time to play tourist, which is no bother as Kav and I love sightseeing and have a long list of things we want to see anyway. First order of business is a castle (Doune was first) and then golf (St Andrews next week). Oh and he’s already seen the brunt of winter with Storm Ciara hitting last weekend and the possibility of snow on the way.

    This week Kav and I have been starting to weigh a big change in our house and how we’re living, and were explaining this to my Dad using the rationale that we like certain layouts because that’s what we’ve always had and what we’re used to. My Dad quickly pointed out that we might find that we like something different even more if we just tried it.

    Indeed, maybe we should.


    Doune castle expedition
  • Week of Feb 3

    We just replaced our tire on our car for the third time in 7 months! This farm road is killing the car. I blame these:

    Sam and Vivi started swimming practice in preparation for a big summer holiday we’re planning. Work continues on our next move and we’re soon to hosts a special guest for the month of Feb. More travel in February on the books!


  • Week of Jan 27

    After heading to Amsterdam, I’m now recovered and have some notes. I’ll be going back in the spring and next time I want to draw more. Kav and I are plotting our next move, literally. A shorter one this time, but still, we’re not where we want to be yet. Vivi is now stashing books and a night light under her pillow so she can stay up late (worse things there could be). Sam’s catching up quickly, but likes his sleep. He goes hard all day. Shouldn’t we all?

    – N