What we’re doing now

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  • Aug 3

    Just moved house and still unpacking and getting settled as we contemplate remodeling and moving out again temporarily. Quick turnaround now with school starting next week, back at work in earnest, and family events taking presedence over most other things. It feels like there will be a summer soon though still.


  • July 13

    We’re celebrating one year of living in the UK on Saturday and on Sunday the family and I are heading down to visit my wife’s brother and his family in Newbury, England. I’m so looking forward to getting out of the house and away from the farm for a bit. It’s also steadily 4-5 degrees warmer down there, which will be a welcome change. Along the way I’ll be studying for my upcoming drivers test, as I need to get a UK driver’s license after being here for a year now. When we get back we’ll be getting ready for a house move and schools starting again in August.


  • June 24

    We’re back in the throws of house hunting and school fishing for the next year. In fact we never left. There is not much I enjoy less that buying a house, maybe only buying a car could beat it in terms of how unpleasant it is. Other than that, we are still doing the same things as we have been doing for most of the year now: art projects, playing around the farm, jumping on the trampoline, swinging on the rope swing, riding bikes, wondering what’s next and trying not to care too much.


    Picture of a bike path
    The The bike path
    Pictures of the family
  • June 1

    Things are still continuing the same: work, no-school, go outside, come inside, repeat. Summer is arriving and so has a new bike to take advantage of the better weather. I went on my first ride with my daughter to see some horses. This is not a bad place for kids to be quarantined. We can be found drawing quite a bit, finally visiting some family up the road occassionally, and sitting in the splash pool eating an ice cream cone in the sun.