Making pattern fills in Affinity Designer is easy to learn, like everything else

logo pattern

I’ve been learning how to use Affinity Designer since last year. I love drawing and design, both physically and digitally, and after getting a Wacom tablet for Christmas, I’ve started to make “making stuff” a daily habit.

This week I was wondering how to make a pattern fill, something I knew how to do in the olden days with Adobe Fireworks and Illustrator. Thinking it must be a good idea to, I have purchased multiple different courses on Udemy for Affinity Designer in the hopes of finding some gems. So far I haven’t found anything called an “online course” very engaging and it’s just so easy to search for what you want to do and find some resources on YouTube, I don’t know why I bothered with anything else?

This guy ArtistWright, for example, kills it with his videos.

Here is the one that got me started on making simple pattern fills:

And there are others on his channel that are more in-depth but the content, quality, and just-fast-enough length are all just what I needed.

Using the fill tool in Affinity Designer to rotate and change a pattern fill. Animated GIF.
Adding a pattern fill
reading multiple
The pattern fill…five ways

Using the video I was able to create a line pattern and use it on the book graphic I used yesterday (and the logo pattern in this post today).

Although the pattern today has a small error in it (can you see it? it’s annoying the hell out of me), it only took me 15 minutes to do with this tutorial and it’s crazy how the only real limiting factor on learning ANYTHING is just time and attention, everything else is just a quick search away.

If you want to learn something (like really want to with a captiol “W”) there really is no excuse.

Comments welcome!

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