What I learned last week (#192): introspections

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Some call it fall and others autumn, but whatever, it’s my favorite time of year and last week was just the start. Blustery storms, the sun getting lower on the horizon, some cool in the air, colorful leaves. I was enjoying it all last week as we’ve been having our first fires of the season.

Aside from fire lighting, here is the weekly selection of what else I was doing, reading, drawing, and writing about.

The big news of the week was that a new stained glass window we had designed for our house is now up! First envisioned a couple of years ago, it was worth the wait.

I learned some surprising facts about the moon last week while exploring what the age of the moon and moon phases all mean.

Illustration of various facts about the moon and it's rotation and phases around the earth.
Some notes about the moon that I was surprised I didn’t know

A colleague of mine brought up the idea of doing introspections and it reminded me of one of my daily habits that is super important to me.

I shared my favorite albums of September featuring lots of (but not all) instrumental music that’s been my soundtrack for work and play.

After waiting for two years, I finally got out on a half-marathon race in Scotland. The great Scottish run was great indeed.

Runners standing behind a starting line on the streets in Glasgow.
Ready to start

Here are some other things that caught my attention last week:

  • The Disappearing Art Of Maintenance I loved the notion here that taking a maintenance approach to keep things from breaking is a useful framework that applies to many aspects of our world. “Repair is when you fix something that’s already broken. Maintenance is about making something last.”
  • kamikwasi.tax – a great example of visual storytelling. Don’t let the fact that it happens to be about the UK’s current fiscal budget turn you off.
  • Hávamál – surfing off the coast of Norway looks cold, and pretty.

Last but not least, check out what I’m up to now.

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