I just finished running the Great Scottish Run half-marathon event in Glasgow. This was a race I signed up for originally in 2020 and the first race I’ve done in at least five years, maybe more. It was long overdue.

Even though I generally do these events alone and don’t do much other than do the event and leave, it’s still a special feeling to push yourself and join others who are doing the same. If nothing else, I love running no matter what and any excuse to do it more is worth it in my book.

The route and my time. Both were better than I thought they would be!

The weather was perfect and I finished just 6 minutes off my best time.

Also there were bagpipe players at every mile.

A great Scottish run indeed.

Still 11 miles to go at this point but the bagpipes were in full force.
I heard there were twenty thousand runners at the event and if felt like that at the start.
All done.

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