Stained glass salvation

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After many weeks of small and incremental work, something exciting and positive happened on the house renovation front. More specifically, a very special window finally happened.

If you’ve been following our house renovation you know that “exciting and positive” are two words I’ve never used when describing the project.

So we’re enjoying this bit of progress. A lot.

Kav and I came up with the idea for a custom “feature” window in stained glass when we originally drafted our house renovation plans. We worked with an artist in England to design it. We had to take a special road trip to pick it up.

This week the window was finally installed and it looks rad!

img 1982

The window almost didn’t fit into the frame, as the sizing was done incorrectly by our builder (shocking!), which reminds me to insert a PSA here: don’t let a general builder install your windows. Get them installed by a person whose actual trade is installing windows.

Anyway, an actual professional window installer got it to work and also did a bunch of less-flashy work to finish the windows and doors off properly and make them watertight, which I’m almost just as excited about as the stained glass.


IMG 1371img 1986
The front door, before and after
IMG 0760img 1989
The back door, before and after

Still a lot of work to do. Now if I only had gutters and downspouts and a sealed roof. All that’s (hopefully) next.

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  1. That looks stunning. Absolutely enjoy it.

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