Fall, my favorite

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Fall (or autumn, according to my UK people) is my favorite time of year. I’m not sure why exactly, as all the seasons certainly have their merits. Perhaps I am influenced by it actually being fall now and being in the midst of an unusually sunny and crisp stretch of weather in Glasgow at the moment. Regardless, I’ll stand by my proclimation. The warm days and cool nights. The changing colors. Long walks with jackets on. Spending Sundays cooking something warm like chili or soup. The regularity and satisfaction of being immersed in work and school. All of these things make fall seem more full, and full of potential.

There is a lack of big expectations and routines constantly interrupted that seem to burden the summer months, and none of the doldrums that seem to attack in the middle of winter. There seems to be a clarity of purpose that happens during this time of transition. I wrote before about how my rituals shift with the seasons, and perhaps this change is what I welcome most.

Picture of riding bikes in the park
Fall bike riding

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