September 2023 Monthly Review

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September started with a hiking adventure to Aonach Eagach, Lost Valley, and Bidean nam Bian, and continued with a daddy-daughter date until fall finally arrived, and we all seemed to hunker down a bit and eat udon noodles and have a taco night. I also somehow found some time to make a few mini-paintings while listening to Pharoah Sanders and think about how intention is fine, but attachment is bad. As October arrives, I’m still working on my rules for drinking while also enjoying my favorite time of the year. I love the fall. Read on for other updates, images, and miscellany from the month.

“Look, man, I need more friends, and strong political opinions is not going to get me there. Love is going to get me there, tolerance is going to get me there. A sense of curiosity about other people is going to get me there, and strong political opinions is going to put me in the wrong direction.”

Arthur C Brooks

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Week 35 (Sep 1 – 3)

The major event of the week was a weekend hiking trip I had been planning for a couple of months to the fabled Glencoe Valley in Scotland. It was epic!

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Week 36 (Sep 4 – 10)

My legs were sore literally all week as I recovered from the hiking adventure to Aonach Eagach, Lost Valley, and Bidean nam Bian the previous weekend. I wish I was still there!

I continued my “year of reading” with a book recommended by my daughter (age 10) that I loved and shared a poem from the book: Sand Dune.

mind dune

I re-posted an article about sharpening your knives, connecting that practice with how we create our reality via the tools we use (and modify).


We all spent the weekend at home, working in the garden, visiting our local basketball court to shoot some hoops, and re-watched Puss in Boots: The Last Wish (so good).

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Week 37 (Sep 11 – 17)

I have been reading Unreasonable Hospitality and wrote about some concepts in Sensitive antennae.

Antennae Illustration

I cooked a pretty great meal in the middle of the week with udon noodles.

The importance of doing what you love certainly isn’t doubted by anyone these days, but the idea that you can actually “make” time for yourself if you do that is a new way to think about it.

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The weekend On Saturday, Vivi and I had a daddy-daughter date and went to the movies (Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken), book shopping (graphic novel hunting), and lunch (Japanese noodles and bubble tea). On Sunday, I worked, but in between, Vivi and I actually went out on a run (for exercise!) for the first time ever I think (if you don’t count running club at the school).

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Week 38 (Sep 18 – 24)

This week was a busy week just doing “life stuff”.

I reflected on last weekend and our tradition of daddy-daughter dates in simple things matter most.

My use of alcohol has been a bit of an issue for me recently, and I set about new rules for drinking (which have been going great so far).

beer glasses

I was kind of blown away by an interview with Arthur C Brooks who shared how intention is fine, but attachment is bad.

Pharoah Sanders died a year ago this past week, and I celebrated. Long live Pharoah.

pharoah illustration

The fall equinox happened last week, and it seemed a good time to mark the occasion as well. We spent a lot of time outside as the weather was nice, but the change in the air was noticeable. I love this time of year.

fall postcard paintings on the table

Week 39 (Sep 25 – 30)

Fall officially arrived, and the windy, blustery weather with it. I did a few mini-paintings to celebrate my favorite time of year.

fall postcard paintings tall tree
Admiring the fall colors

I published a post about my favorite albums from the past month, including the indomitable Pharoah Sanders.

The difference between complicated and complex problems is useful. The solution to one is hard work, models, and process, and the solution to the other requires faith, values, and beliefs.

We had a taco night.

taco plate with labels

Also, I saved this little snippet about boys and men from Fredrik Backman that made me think.


See you next month!

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