Taco night

taco plate

“Should I draw something about taco night?” This thought went through my head today, and an hour and a half later, I have this to show for it.

taco plate with labels

In my defense, there WAS an actual taco night at our house this week. It’s a regular thing (at least once a month), and it’s quite involved in terms of both cooking and enjoyment, if I do say so myself.

Our taco nights are made up of no less than 10 dishes/foods that can be combined in various ways and in different formats. The great thing about tacos is that there really aren’t any rules. Like in A Recipe, by Brendan Leonard, what makes a “real” taco anyway? Anything in the fridge is really fair game.

My go-to taco standard is a pot of garlic black beans, a skillet of fried onions, peppers, and mushrooms, a bowl of avocado lime sauce, and all the other usual fixings. As long as it’s spicy, grilled, fried, or roasted, it’s good to go in a tortilla.

The best thing about taco night is the whole family is in a good mood automatically. I mean, everyone gets to choose what and how they want to eat, and no matter what you choose, it’s delicious. Win-win.

So there you go. There really is no reason for this post to exist other than to celebrate the splendor of the greatest of family traditions: taco night!!

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