Here, check out this little painting I did a few days ago.

Painting of a mountain landscape with figures crouched beneath the mountains and a hiker walking between them.

Not sure exactly where the idea came from, but it was probably in the shower, where all the ideas seem to spring. Luckily I quickly sketched this idea after toweling off (maybe I need to get a waterproof notebook?!) and as I thought more about it, it seemed like an interesting idea to take to my watercolor book.

Notebook with sketch showing figure holding legs.
Quick sketch of the idea

I knew I wanted to paint something after my recent hike to Ben Vane, and nature is a pretty common subject for me to paint, but the “giants”, where did that come from?

Large watercolor pad with watercolor paints and a pen.
My tools for this: A3 hot pressed (smooth) 140 lb watercolor paper, Derwent Inktense Watercolors, Uniball Vision pen

I guess I’ve been wrestling with some pretty big emotions recently. Maybe the meaning is very literal, as I’ve been bouncing between feeling a giant amount of hopelessness and a giant amount of anger over not living at our house for over five months, and (let’s keep this thread going), maybe my hiking helps me to be with my emotions that I keep just under the surface?

🤷🏼‍♂️ 🤯 🕳️🐇🙄

I’ll save you more pointless over-analyzation and just let it be what it is.

Time to head back to the shower.

Comments welcome!

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