Hiking in Scotland: Ben Vane

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As has been my ritual this past year, I just got out on my monthly hike. This round I tackled Ben Vane, the shortest Munro in Scotland but not the easiest climb. It’s surprisingly rugged and relentlessly steep all the way to the top. In other words, a perfect challenge for a sneaky midweek hike!

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The approach to Ben Vane was very tranquil, but pain was on the way…

Ben Vane (Scottish GaelicA’ Bheinn Mheadhain) is a Scottish mountain situated in the southern Highlands. The underlying geology almost entirely comprises the Beinn Bheula  Schist Formation – psammite and pelite with a Siluro-Devonian dyke prominent round the northern and eastern face. […] Ben Vane itself just qualifies as a Munro reaching a height of 915 metres (3,002 feet) and is characterised by steep and rugged slopes which fall away to the Inveruglas Water to the east and the Allt Coiregroigan to the south;

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On the way up you gain altitude really quick. Like really quick.
One foot in front of the other
No one around, except for a sheep

The weather was typical Scotland spring weather, kinda warm but sometimes not, with multiple rain showers followed by glorious sunshine. It was pretty nice all in all.

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I even had a little time to sit and splash watercolor on some paper while I was out!

The walking itself was super challenging due to the steep nature of the terrain and, as a result, it took me much longer than I thought (three and a half hours).

img 0533
This wasn’t from the top but one of the many false summits on the way up
img 0541
img 0549
The view from the top was super

The peaceful solitude, the stunning colors, the physical challenge…basically all of the best parts of getting out on the hills in Scotland were in full effect today. I wish I could get out a bit more but once a month feels about the max I can ask for at the moment. I’m grateful for any time I can get on an outdoor adventure.

More stuff below that you probably don’t care or need, like a map of the route along, my Garmin activity tracker from the hike, and more photos.

Download file for GPS

🗾 OS Maps route

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  1. What a beautiful hike, the video of your feet looks like people built steps with the stones!

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