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  • ‘Babs (a painting)

    ‘Babs (a painting)

    There was something going on recently where I was thinking about aliens, so this idea came up again when I sat down to do another illustration. I was driving in Glasgow and took this shot outside the restaurant Babs. I thought it had interesting light and love the architecture in the city. I haven’t done […]

  • Sleeping giants (a painting)

    Sleeping giants (a painting)

    Here, check out this little painting I did a few days ago.

  • Drumsack Farm Painting

    Drumsack Farm Painting

    Painting the landscapes outside where we live, as well as a bit of the inside, over the past month has been a fun way to get back into more regular watercolor painting. With the latest one, I spent more time on it and worked sporadically over the course of several days. It was good just […]