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  • A very short and long road trip (to pick up a window)

  • Drumsack Farm Painting

    Painting the landscapes outside where we live, as well as a bit of the inside, over the past month has been a fun way to get back into more regular watercolor painting. With the latest one, I spent more time on it and worked sporadically over the course of several days. It was good just […]

  • Creating the appropriate distance

    Watercolor landscape painting

    Philip Glass wrote that he intentionally creates distance between music and the image when compsing for film. This insight certainly applies to many other things as well.

  • What I learned last week (#78)

    Picture of the kitchen at dusk with painting kit

    Learned last week: Walking is making a comeback, reading on the history of hip-hop, race-conscious things to say to your kids, and more!

  • Bold lines

    Brush pen drawing

    Continuing the practice of figure drawing, focusing on faces and hands. I’ve been doing quick brush pen work from images on my iPad or on Zoom calls as one way to practice. I like these brush pens for line drawing and using a few lines to capture a shape. Proportion is less important, and some […]

  • Sunsets in the dark

    The sun sets after 10pm right now and it’s light out well into the night at the moment. Along with that, we also get some spectacular sunsets from our perch here on the farm. I’ve started to do some watercolor painting while standing at the kitchen counter, trying to chase the changing colors of the […]

  • On earth and in the stars

    Sharing a couple of recent pieces done in between work and play, night and day.

  • Back to pencils

    I haven’t drawn with pencil in ages for some reason. I now see that was foolish, harmful and borderline sacrilege. A pencil is just so damn versatile and fun to use. I mean, you sharpen a pencil using a razor. And you blend pencil with your hands. How cool is that? Anyway, here are a […]