Drumsack Farm Painting

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Painting the landscapes outside where we live, as well as a bit of the inside, over the past month has been a fun way to get back into more regular watercolor painting.

With the latest one, I spent more time on it and worked sporadically over the course of several days. It was good just to have a piece out on the table that I could sit down and work a little on as I felt like it. It’s also kind of essential with watercolors in some sense as you need to allow for drying time in between sections, depending on the look you are going for. I’m sure this process annoyed the crap out of my wife and kids but hey, it was worth it. 😂

Here are a few pics of progression as I worked on the piece:

Watercolor painting in-progress
You can see the pencil detail here and some of the initial washes.
Watercolor painting in-progress
Starting to add some more details here. Just jumping around from bit to bit as I feel like it.
Watercolor painting done
Happy with the final product!

Here are some of the others that I’ve done over the past couple months:

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