Painting and running in Bahia Feliz

gran canaria horizon

The fam and I were lucky enough to visit the little resort town of Bahia Feliz on the island of Gran Canaria this past week. It was hot (38 C/ 100 F). My wife and kids had a blast. I got to do my favorite things. Yes, I got to swim in the ocean, enjoy a beer at 11am, and read by the pool (Heat 2), but my most favorite thing was drinking coffee, listening to music, and painting on our little porch overlooking the beach.

everything in its right place

I only brought one little watercolor set with me and small postcard sized watercolor pages, but the lack of options seemed to make things easier and I banged out a painting a day in an hour or two.

As is customary on my travels, I also brought my running shoes and enjoyed seeing a bit more of the island.

I could definitely get used to this. ❤️

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