Waning crescent

Illustration of a tree with a moon behind it.

I’m working full-time at one of my part-time jobs this week. The kids are off school the whole week and I’m on full-time Dad duty while Kav works. That means I have little time for writing and reading my own stuff, and lots of time researching the latest Minecraft Dungeons update (Fauna Faire!) and reading the latest adventures of Ivy and Bean. My world isn’t one-dimensional, but it’s a LOT of one dimension.

Table football, bedroom door hoops, go fish, hot wheels, coloring, cardboard theatre, reading, movies. Dad, what do we do now? Dad, can you help me with this? Dad, I’m hungry. Dad, I’m bored. Dad. Dad. Dad!

That’s my past couple days. 😬

It’s hard a little bit of the time but almost all of the time it’s pretty great.

I’m still getting us outside as well as much as possible. It’s my favorite season and when the sun is shining like it was today there is nothing better.

During our little art time today, I did this painting of a tree and the waning gibbous moon that’s out at the moment.

Illustration of a tree with a moon behind it.

Nature has the greatest imagination.

Comments welcome!

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