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  • Nope, I’ll never stop

    Nope, I’ll never stop

    I just wanted to memorialize this moment: the first time my daughter told me to stop texting her. Ahh, I’m going to savor this. 😃

  • Some things are unconditional, even at 5 o’clock

    Some things are unconditional, even at 5 o’clock

    My kids are completely zombified when they watch TV. Times and lengths can vary, but they pretty regularly get some show time around 5pm when we are prepping dinner. This is good for a bit but then turns mega-frustrating when we call them to the table to eat and they don’t respond. There could be […]

  • Non-school school pics on a Saturday

    Non-school school pics on a Saturday

    The kids had their pictures taken by their school recently. Those pictures sucked AND the company that did them wanted an obscene amount of money for prints and digital files. So we had the kids put on their school clothes on a Saturday (not a popular thing to do by the way) and go for […]

  • Trapped full: our two words for 2021

    Trapped full: our two words for 2021

    As part of a community “postal art project” that started recently, my daughter and I were tasked to come up with a word that describes how we feel about a space in our home or garden after spending so much time in our homes over the past year. Once we chose the word and the […]

  • Troon and Culzean Castle Beach

    Troon and Culzean Castle Beach

    The Scotland coast is one of the best things about Scotland. And castles, of course. But together, a castle and a beach, and well you got yourself something special.

  • Unplanned Saturdays

    Unplanned Saturdays

    When you expect a wasted day but get the opposite.

  • Trying new things

    Trying new things

    Old or young, it is human nature to wrestle with the fear of being judged. But once you get past it, there is always good on the other side.

  • Like riding a bike

    Like riding a bike

    There are few things like learning to ride a bike. The process is different for everyone, but the way it suddenly “clicks” and you go from not being able to balance, pedal, and steer to being able to do all those things, and never forgetting it again in your life, is magic.