Robux and a dirt bike (a birthday list update)

sams 7th birthday list feature

Sam’s seventh birthday is coming up next week, so, time for another birthday list update!

Unlike last year’s list, this one doesn’t include any weapons (like gravity grenades), but there is still at least one age-inappropriate item. Here’s the list:

  1. 45,000 Robux (this is about £50 at the moment and he would probably spend this in about 5 minutes)
  2. Gannondorf Amiibo
  3. PRIME (the sports drink)
  4. Something for Vivian
  5. Dirt bike
  6. Magic 8 Ball
  7. Magic Hat (the kind magicians wear, to put on a magic show)

There have been plenty of other ideas kicked around. I also was asked to look up a “real life” hoverboard (the kind that floats) as well as characters from Skibidi Toilet (don’t ask) that he’s drawn (see below).

Oh, and also, randomly, Vivi started to make her Christmas list as well.

The main thing she’s asking for (so far) this year is a baby ferret. 🙄

Just like in past years, these lists never disappoint.

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  1. Advanced Happy seventh birthday to Sam!

    The youngster in our home would swap Robux for V-bucks and also yea, that PRIME 😀

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