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A “Yes day” is a day when the parents can’t say no. Basically, it means anything goes. Although not on his list, this was probably the thing Sam wanted most for his birthday this year, and somehow we agreed. It sounds scary, but it was actually pretty great.

The concept is based on a book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, and we learned about it in a Jennifer Garner film that was both dumb and fun.

I think that we (speaking for my wife and I) got off really easy, especially compared to the parents in the film. Our kids are young enough (7 and 10) that they didn’t really push the concept very far, and we kind of kept the plan hidden from evil uncles and devious grandparents who might otherwise have poisoned their minds with radical ideas on what they could ask for. I think having this day when our kids are 10 and 13 will be a whole other ballgame.

That said, even though the kids didn’t dress us up as lunatics and make us go bungee jumping, they still made us work (and had a blast in the process). We had curly fries for breakfast, went bowling, played penny slots and video games, ate at Five Guys, got NERF guns (Sam’s never been allowed them until today), pitched a massive tent in the living room, cooked s’mores over a fire pit (outside), and stayed up late watching movies.

I didn’t think it would be the case, but Yes day was as much fun for Kav and me as it was for the kids.

The best thing about Yes day is that it meant we gave up trying to be adults. Thinking about constantly cleaning up and prepping for the next thing wasn’t allowed. Instead, we were forced to just play and have fun. All day. When was the last time that happened?

I vote for more Yes days.

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  1. Sounds funny 😁

    We could try it!

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