Two cakes and a YouTube channel (birthday list update)

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My daughter’s birthday is coming up, and her birthday list, similar to last year’s, is pretty great.

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Aside from me being proud that art supplies and books are both on the list, I love that she is so specific about having a party with two cakes and getting a YouTube channel to post videos about drawing and Roblox. Oh, there is also the (surprise) friends birthday party that she suddenly wanted to arrange a week before her actual birthday.

She even insisted on making her own invites:

vivian 10th birthday invite private

I don’t know what it is about them, but kids birthday lists inspire me to want to rethink my priorities and be a bit more bold with my own hopes and dreams.

Kids aim for the stars on their birthday; they’ll ask for anything! It’s a shame we feel like we need to be more sensible when we get older.

Why not keep asking (and hoping) for two cakes rather than one?

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