Don’t break the chain, except when you need to

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I’m a big fan of consistency.

I’m a believer that small daily habits add up to monumental achievements.

It’s well known that the comedian Jerry Seinfeld said his advice to anyone getting started was to write every day and “don’t break the chain”.

Write a joke every day. Draw something every day. Run every day.

Whatever your thing is, do it, make an X on the calendar, and don’t ever break the chain.

That’s how you get better; how you go from “I wrote something” to “I’m a writer”.

IMG 1331
My 100 day streak badge. Will it happen again?

This is probably the single best productivity advice out there.

There are exceptions to every rule though. Sometimes consistency isn’t helpful.

I had a streak of posting something here for 107 days straight.

I broke the chain intentionally at the end of last month.

It wasn’t that I needed a break necessarily, but I wanted to see how it felt.

Call it a detox or a reset or whatever.

I was curious, would I still want to write every day after stopping? Would something else fill that space?

Do anything daily for long enough and it will become part of who you are. It can feel really hard to stop.

Don’t break your chains often, but do it sometimes just to see if they are still serving you.

You can always start new ones.

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  1. Thanks for this reminder Nick. I totally agree with everything you hav said. I wonder when you’ll see the next 100 post badge;)

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