When consistency can hurt you

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I’ve always struggled with the need to be consistent. What I write needs to be a certain length or it isn’t consistent, the art I publish needs to all have a certain effect or it isn’t consistent, and even what I read or learn about should be related to what I know or else I’m not developing consistently. The trouble comes when my need for cohesion and consistency stops me from actually doing the work.

I love a good unified design and am blown away when looking at unique styles across an artist’s work (and yes, this even applies to project managers and tax accounts alike). Consistency is a beautiful thing to behold. However, look more closely and you’ll realize that no one got there from day one, and everyone struggles. Simply getting out of bed is enough some days.

One of the things I try to keep in mind is a quote from Austin Kleon’s Steal Like an Artist:

Don’t worry about unity from piece to piece. What unifies all of your work is the fact that you made it.

Consistency can hurt you if you let it. Stop comparing yourself with others. Keep making things and putting them out there.

Everything you do is consistently yours.

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  1. I know the weight of consistency as I bear a streak of 2056 days on the Elevate app and 1024 days of meditation in the Calm app, and am afraid I may break some day 😹

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