I just remembered that running is important to me

Pencil and pen drawing of a silhouette of a runner passing a tree.

Things have been feeling better recently. I’ve been in a better mood, I’m looking after myself better, I’m handling the stress of our house renovation better, I’m more present with my wife. What gives?

I realized today that I hadn’t been on a six-mile run for a long time, so I went on one. As I ran, it all clicked. I’ve been running more this month! I feel better this month! Sometimes the answer to our problems is really simple.

Chart of running activities from the past six months showing an increase this month.
The number of runs per month I’ve had over the past year maps pretty well to my general mood and overall wellness. 🤔

I like to go running and/or do some training (I miss you Peloton) almost every morning. When I start things off with a five-mile run or one hundred pushups, it’s pretty hard to have a bad day. That feeling of accomplishment decorates the day.

Running is one of my foundational habits and it has taught me a lot. Here is a list of other habits I consider foundational:

  • Running/training (at least 30 minutes a day)
  • Meditation (10 minutes a day)
  • Drawing (15 minutes a day)
  • Reading (30 minutes a day)
  • Writing (30 minutes a day)
  • Sleep (7 hours a night)

When I get off balance, it is a pretty good bet that I’m letting one of these habits lapse.

I’m glad I got my run in. Today is going to be great.

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