Every moment, every day, you can decorate it in your own way

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This lyric has been coming back and lifting me up recently. It’s from Elzhi and Georgia Anne Muldrow’s Every Moment from the outstanding album Zhigeist (one of my top albums of March).

Today I might just use my inner peace and cock it on a warlord
I bought a bed without my feet touchin’ the floorboard
To show you how my pen is mightier than your sword
I get a slight rush of adrenaline
To know that I could pause time at any moment
And live in it, while it’s dwindlin’

Every moment, every day
You could decorate it in your own way

I like the notion of “decorating” your day. It speaks to the control we have to determine how we respond. It speaks to the little things that we can do for ourselves that can make all the difference.

Decorate the day in your own way.

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