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  • Amplify and Reduce Goals for May 2022

    Last month I started to experiment with some monthly habit changes designed around Cal Newport’s strategy for Cultivating a Deep Life. April felt good, so on that measure alone, I would count the first month a success. It’s a new month now so time to reflect and set up some new habits for May.

  • Amplify and Reduce Goals for April 2022

    Illustration of a cartoon diver swimming down

    I’ve said in the past that I’m all about habits and experimenting with personal improvements as opposed to setting big long-term goals like the much-dreaded new year’s resolution). The trouble is that I haven’t done much in the habit change department in a long time. It’s time to change that.

  • Atomic habits

    Picture of my journal habit tracker

    Although I write and think a lot about habits, I hadn’t read Atomic Habits by James Clear until very recently. It had been on my reading list for a while, and I finally got around to it and finished it last week. I’m working on a habit change experiment with my physical health this month […]

  • Shifting (rituals) with the season

    Self-portrait illustration.

    Daylight is in abundance now in the far northern reaches of Scotland. It’s light out really early now, and although I love the mornings regardless, it’s more pleasant than usual to wake up early. As a result I’ve started another seasonal shift in my morning routine, and even more that than that, a bigger thematic […]

  • I wanted to write but I took a nap instead

    Sorry, nothing insightful to share today. I used my window of time that I was supposed to be writing unproductively.

  • Previously boiled water

    A couple years ago, I read that you should “always use fresh water before boiling. Previously boiled water has lost oxygen…”. I believed it, and have wasted tons of time and water as a result.

  • Not yet

    I’ve really started to enjoy the short time I get at the mid-point of my run, looking out at the well-attended graves. “Not me,” I think to myself, “not yet.” It’s my own memento mori.

  • Running in the rain

    As an avid runner, I do lots of running in the rain, wind, sleet and frost. In Scotland this is doubly-so. I run no matter if I’m feeling tired, have a headache or am relaxed and ready. On nicer days I tend to see plenty of people on the trail, and on the more brutal […]