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  • How would you like this story to end?

    How would you like this story to end?

    A very simple and powerful thought exercise: Think of a situation you’re in that feels challenging, or maybe is wrought with feeling or tension, or has somehow captured your emotional and mental energies. Perhaps it’s tough conversation, a tough decision, a lot happening, or feeling into what to do next. As you look at what’s […]

  • What I learned last week (#189): get back

    What I learned last week (#189): get back

    Last week was a “get back” week. Get back to work (after a week away), get back to routine (after letting things slide in August), and get back to life at home. Now that I’m back, I’m starting to read and draw and game more, so more writing here is on the way. Here is […]

  • Amplify and Reduce Goals for September 2022

    Amplify and Reduce Goals for September 2022

    I started a ritual in April 2022 of monthly habit changes designed around Cal Newport’s strategy for Cultivating a Deep Life. I’ve noticed a difference in my daily experience and I’ve been enjoying sharing the process for the past several months. Here is my short reflection on August and my plans for September.

  • Will freaking out help?

    Will freaking out help?

    I came across the following questions while reading Brené Brown’s Atlas of the Heart (thanks Mom). Ask yourself these the next time you are feeling fear, panic, or anxiety rising: Do I have enough information to freak out?The answer is probably not. Will freaking out help?The answer is always no. If, like me, you do […]

  • 32 weeks (and counting)

    32 weeks (and counting)

    Our house renovation has been going on for 32 weeks and counting. I said it before but I’ll mention it again: this project is and continues to be in the top three most stressful experiences of my life. How is it that, despite our windows and doors being installed incorrectly, our roof open to the […]

  • What I learned last week (#188): continual growth

    What I learned last week (#188): continual growth

    I don’t have a ton to share from last week as it felt like a heads-down-grinding-type of week. Not in a bad way though. I worked on getting the kids off to school, worked on juggling things with my wife’s first week at her new job, worked on the house, and worked on catching up […]

  • Being nice vs being kind

    Being nice vs being kind

    When we give feedback to another person, be it at work or home, with friends or family, why do we so often default to being nice instead of being kind?

  • Flowers in the window

    Flowers in the window

    I was looking across the street on a particularly grey and cold day today and noticed these flowers. Our neighbour always has some flowers in their windows. I think they change from time. They are probably fake. But there is always something there. I don’t know if they mean this as an act of kindness […]