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I’ve been feeling the build-up of a lot of little things recently. After an optimistic and fresh start to the year, I’m now beset by running injuries. I’m feeling constantly tired, and my brain is a bit scattered. I’m burned out, I think. Definitely rundown. It’s not like the feeling I have when I’m working too much (I’m working part-time, after all), and it’s not like I’m overtraining (I’ve been running and biking slightly below average).

What is it?

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It’s common parental knowledge that when a baby is crying or upset, it’s because they are either a) hungry, b) tired, or c) uncomfortable (dirty diaper, hot/cold, etc.).

Adults aren’t really any different.

Am I eating well? Am I getting enough sleep? Am I doing something to look after myself (body and mind) each day?

It’s a pretty simple formula and yet so easy to forget. I’ve been forgetting lately.

I meditated for 10 minutes today for the first time in at least six months, maybe more. After that, I took a short nap. I felt 1000% times better afterward.

These are just two of many foundational habits I plan to pay more attention to as the month draws to a close.

Drawing in notebook of a figure being electrocuted and the words "Eating Crap", "Sleeping too Little", "Drinking too much" and "Getting injured" above their head.

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