My wok fried omelettes look like crap, but they are delicious

Illustration of a wok in black pen.

This post doesn’t need to exist, but it does simply as proof that I’m now starting to try cooking more that just asian cuisine in my wok. Tonight Last night I made omelettes with a side of stir fried shitake mushrooms, potatoes, and yeasted waffles.

fried egg

The omelette filling was a mix of garlic, shallot, green onions, and spinach all stir-fried prior and then added to the eggs with a little cheese for good measure. The omelettes were fried in rapeseed oil and had a crispy exterior. If all that sounds like a bit of a dumpster fire I will be the first to say it wasn’t pretty…but it tasted awesome!

This whole thing came about after skimming across the mention of omelettes in The Wok by Kenji López-Alt:

If a sliding omelette scale based on how violently they are cooked existed, all the way on the left side would be French omelettes […] Slide that to the right a little bit and you’d arrive at American-style diner omelettes […] Push that slider all the way to the right and you’d get Thai-style khai jiao.

IMG 2985
This brown and crispy omelette looks awesome right? That’s what I was going for 🙄

I guess I’m already at Thai-style then? Whatever, I’m not going to change these omelettes. They don’t look light and fluffy and that is fine with me. They are awesome the way they are.

IMG 2980

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  1. Good stuff, Nick! I like to see you branching out to try new things, it really is a versatile cooking instrument.

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