Frosty mornings in Scotland

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Fall is still my favorite time of year, but we’re having a cold snap in Scotland which means it’s sunny and the ground is frozen solid, perfect for running and hiking through areas that are otherwise impenetrable due to the mud.

During my runs I seldom bring my phone (unless I’m traveling) but this weekend I did. I don’t listen to music or use it in any other way, but having it with me makes me look for things and notice stuff that I might otherwise not and I like that.

Even though I run these routes multiple times a week, the weekend weather made it feel like new.

On Saturday, we had a little snow falling off and on and we had a snow sky (you know, all white everywhere).

On Sunday, there were no clouds and it had thawed a bit and re-froze overnight creating a layer of crystals that is unique to maritime climates like Scotland.

I hope these special frosty mornings continue, as I’ll take them any day over our typical soggy days.

Stay close Jack Frost!

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  1. Wonderful!

    1. ‘It’s lovely but I’m ready for the pipe to our washing machine in the garage to defrost now!

  2. I love seeing your updates! Stay warm out there!

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