What I learned last week (#181): it’s worse than you think

Kids start to end 2021 2022

A weekly selection of what I was reading, drawing, writing, and doing.

It was the last week of school for the kids and they had their end of school concert, went to the safari park, and generally have a crazy time. We also received their end of school reports. Those were fun to read.

The house renovation project seems to be going nowhere and Oliver Burkeman explained our state of mind perfectly: it’s worse than you think.

I had a coaching session this week and we discussed the idea of being an initiator or a sustainer.

Since it was the last week of June, I did some reflecting on last month’s goals and set up some new ones. The no-complaining and replacing with “how I can be more kind” are going to be interesting, let’s see if they work.

We all worship something, better make it something healthy.

Here are some other things I came across that I enjoyed reading/watching last week:

The middle territory with our kids is mutual respect and trust. If I want my son to come to me for help when life gets really complicated, which I do, then I need to focus on behaviors that will allow me to have that strategic influence throughout my relationship with him. Making him feel like crap every day, because his shirts are mixed in with his pants or because of all the Pokemon cards are on the floor, isn’t going to cut it. Make no mistake, seizing the middle is not about throwing out all the rules. This is about knowing which battles to fight, so you can keep the middle territory of the trust and respect of your child.

Finally, I started running with our dog (amazing) and did my first real-ish running with the kids (double amazing).

Last but not least, check out what I’m up to now.

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