Initiator or sustainer

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Initiators like to create brand new things. They aren’t afraid of staring at a blank page in front of them. They like designing and building the ship.

Sustainers like to operate things. They enjoy running a process and aren’t afraid to improve something someone else made. They like to steer and run the ship.

Which best describes you?

While we each have our preferences and talents that draw us towards one side or the other, the truth is that we need to be able to play either role depending on the circumstances.

If you always play the initiator, you might never see your ship sail.

If you always play the sustainer, you might never have a ship of your own.

Each role requires a different approach.

It’s worth doing more of the work that lights you up and less of the work that doesn’t, sure, but there is a time for both.

🗒 This concept came out of a coaching conversation I had recently and it stuck with me. If you don’t have a coach, consider getting one!

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