What I learned last week (#168): thinking in color

Storm clouds at sunset over our neighborhood houses

A weekly selection of what I was reading, drawing, writing, and doing.

Let’s get into last week’s stuff I learned.

I guess I watched a lot of videos last week as I seem to have a lot of those to share. 🤷🏼‍♂️

First off, one of the best news-ish things I’ve watched in a long time is The Peoples Convoy by Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan.

Next up is this interesting look at What A Boom Operator Does On Set:

Finally on the video-front, I have no idea how Serial Parallels was made but it is hypnotic:

After my week or so away visiting Porto, I had some more time to share random stuff here like saying sorry with your hazard lights. Yes, your car’s hazard lights.

If you are looking for new tunes, I shared my favorite albums of March.

Curious about how a random test thinks you think? Check out Think In Color for a 5 minute test. Worth it for nothing else then the chance to think about something a little differently than before. And, it looks cool of course.

CleanShot 2022 04 04 at 13.26.44
Curious but not flexible…a combination made for suffering!
Here is my brain/personality/blob?

Did I mention our house renovation is almost done, yay! 👏🏼 😭

See you next week!

Last but not least, check out what I’m up to now.

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  1. I took the test and got some interesting results. Kind of goes along with something I’m trying to write about how results of the same test taken at different times in a person’s life may yield different results.

    1. Yeah, we’re always changing right? A constant chemical reaction. This is good to keep in mind for sure (and a good topic for writing). 😊

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