Our house renovation is nearly done

IMG 8079

We’re really excited now as the house is nearly done and we can’t wait to move back in!

Originally I had estimated that we would be back in the house by April 17th which would be 99 days since work officially began on January 8th.

Looks like we’ll beat that as work has progressed faster than we thought! Here are some pics of the nearly finished results.

img 9616
Here is our brand new kitchen almost ready for the first meal!
img 9615
Here are our fancy new kitchen appliances all ready to cook!
img 7796
The brand new porch is looking so inviting for sitting and having a late summer night drink!
img 8988
The lush back garden is all set with a new patio for summer grilling!

We can’t wait to enjoy the fruits of this project that we’ve been working towards for nearly two years now.

We’re almost there! 🎉

(God I wish any small part of this were remotely true 😭 #99moredays)

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