Thank you Mom (happy Mother’s Day)

mom nick on the stairs

Since we’ve moved to the UK, there are now two mother’s days that we celebrate. Despite being a father who gets only one day in both the US and UK (outrageous!), it seems like a good thing to have multiple days focused on appreciating the mother’s out there. Even if every day were mother’s day, it wouldn’t be enough to do them justice.

My Mom has been a lifelong friend and supporter of mine. To say she has taught me a lot would be like saying there is a lot of water in the ocean. She taught me how to be polite, how to be responsible, how to cook and bake, and how to look after my sister. Ok, I might not have actually learned that last one, but she tried. She did all this and more, mostly by showing, not telling.

She also taught me how to love.

In my early childhood days, we would cuddle for hours on a rocking chair or briefly after I hurt myself, and I would feel her love. For years she balanced life as a single working Mom with two kids and a career, and she never missed a pick-up, and I don’t ever remember her not being there. I was always looked after. I didn’t understand what that sacrifice really meant then, but I do now. Later still, when I was in college and on my own, and I first experienced episodes of anxiety, panic attacks and was unable to sleep or cope with much, she dropped everything and drove hundreds of miles to stay with me.

Through her relationships with me and others, she has always put the needs of those she loved first ahead of her own. I didn’t understand why she did that, and it frustrated me sometimes, but now I do. Giving love in an absolutely selfless way is truly one of her strengths and the most important lesson she has taught me.

I know I missed that lesson from her about looking after my sister, but I did learn something about how to love.

Thank you Mom, I love YOU.

Happy Mother’s Day! ♥️

My mom and me posing for a portrait when I was a baby.

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  1. What a sweet tribute to your mom, Nick! She sounds like a wonderful woman.

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