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  • Thank you Mom (happy Mother’s Day)

    Thank you Mom (happy Mother’s Day)

    Happy Mother’s Day Mom, thanks for all that you have taught me.

  • What I learned last week (#95)

    What I learned last week (#95)

    Learned last week: Fake it till you make it, learning is like a tree, it’s not about you, and more!

  • The altruists survive

    The altruists survive

    β€œAny tribe whose members were altruistic, who were always willing to come to the aid of one another, would be stronger than any tribe whose members were not altruistic.”

  • Lighthouse


    Early morning before anyone was up, Vivi showed me how she learned to draw a lighthouse. Later, Sam and Kav were waiting for me after my run, full of goofball faces. Feeling more than grateful. The night before I read this: Studies have confirmed what’s pretty obvious – having children makes people even unhappier. But […]