What I learned last week (#69)

Illustration of Vivi and Sam on bikes with colored waves behind them

Quote I was thinking about:

“An amateur practices until they can play it correctly, a professional practices until they can’t play it incorrectly.” – Unknown

Creativity is not something you either have or don’t:

The equal odds rule:

The Equal Odds Rule says that the average publication of any particular scientist does not have any statistically different chance of having more of an impact than any other scientist’s average publication.”

In other words, any given scientist is equally likely to create a game-changing piece of work as they are to create something average that is quickly forgotten. Translated to the world-at-large: You can’t predict your own success. Scientists, artists, inventors, writers, entrepreneurs, and workers of all types are equally likely to produce a useless project as they are to produce an important one.

If you believe the Equal Odds Rule, then the natural conclusion is that you’re playing a numbers game. Because you can’t predict your success, the best strategy is to produce as much work as possible, which will provide more opportunities to hit the bullseye and create something meaningful.

Generate lots of mess. Write down everything and get as much as you can out, but don’t worry if something doesn’t stick.

Why kids write letters backwards:

Vivian does this all the time with “d” (bab for dad). But it’s not upside down and it’s not the wrong letter. Can you recall which hand the torch is in on the Statue of Liberty? Does it matter?

More fun with virtual backgrounds:

These are pretty great.


Also these are good:


Although I still prefer perusing the museum catalogs: https://www.apollo-magazine.com/open-access-image-libraries-a-handy-list/

What I’m grateful for this week:

The sun and a good sunrise to go with a quiet house and some coffee.

Sunrise on the farm

A rope swing should always be in your daily schedule:

img 2757

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