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  • Fake it and make it

    Fake it and make it

    We’re dressing up here for Halloween, regardless of whether we can actually go trick-or-treating. Even though we aren’t going to be able to be on display for the neighborhood this year, it’s funny to think about what the act of dressing up does: it gives you permission. All of the sudden you can act in […]

  • What I learned last week (#61)

    What I learned last week (#61)

    Learned last week: get started by pretending, mental models in space, university subscriptions, and more.

  • Get a helmet

    Get a helmet

    I got Sam this race car helmet from the gift shop at the Glasgow Museum of Transport recently (an awesome place to go by the way). Museum gift shops are a guilty pleasure, I always find something I want that’s usually overpriced, and the kids always seem to as well. However, this helmet was only […]