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  • Going from one beautifully crazy day to the next

    Going from one beautifully crazy day to the next

    Have you ever shared a self-catering house with 30 other people, kids, and dogs in the Scottish highlands while also putting on a wedding for your parents? Have you ever started a new job, moved house, started legal proceedings, and worked on multiple house construction projects simultaneously while also looking after your children? This is […]

  • 32 weeks (and counting)

    32 weeks (and counting)

    Our house renovation has been going on for 32 weeks and counting. I said it before but I’ll mention it again: this project is and continues to be in the top three most stressful experiences of my life. How is it that, despite our windows and doors being installed incorrectly, our roof open to the […]

  • Back in the house for good!

    Back in the house for good!

    197 days ago we started our house renovation. Today we moved back in for good. Finally. The place is far from done, and what is done is far from perfect, but none of that matters as much as having our own space. We’re getting pretty good at living in transition and the moving chaos isn’t […]

  • Camping out in our house

    Camping out in our house

    We spent last night in our house. If you have been following our house renovation project over this past year, you’ll know just how big of a deal this is. We haven’t yet moved officially, and it was a little like camping, but still, we weren’t at our in-law’s place for the first time in […]

  • Three years in Scotland

    Three years in Scotland

    Today marks three years to the day that moved from the states and started our new life in Scotland. It’s been…an interesting experience. I would say it’s been beautiful and rough and full of strong contrasts, just like Scotland’s people, countryside, weather, food, and everything else I’ve experienced here. I thought I’d look back by […]

  • No change with house but big dates loom

    No change with house but big dates loom

    Another week is in the books and there is no sign from our “construction partners” on when they are going to commence with the “internal finishings”, so we continue to trudge on ahead with getting work done ourselves: hanging blinds, sealing the kitchen worktops, building the bedroom cupboards, etc.

  • It’s worse than you think

    It’s worse than you think

    I was thinking about what to post about our house renovation project this week because it’s been a while and I know you are all on the edge of your seat waiting for an update. Then, just today, I read this post from Oliver Burkeman titled It’s worse than you think and I thought, yup, […]

  • Looking forward to a (wood-burning) fire

    Looking forward to a (wood-burning) fire

    I haven’t shared much about the house renovation because, well, there hasn’t been much to talk about. We’re on a steady schedule of about one “thing” getting done a week, so at least things are moving at a pace, even if it is a snail.