The Edinburgh Fringe is well organized chaos

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…at least from the perspective of this father of two young children. The Edinburgh Fringe is a massive, month-long festival spanning thousands of acts and hundreds of venues spread across one of the busiest and most touristed cities in Europe. It sounds like it could be hell for families, but our experience was just the opposite.

The Fringe can be, I think, whatever you want it to be. If you’re young and single, it can be a hedonistic playground. If you are old and with children, it can still be a massive playground of sorts mixed with a zoo. Instead of wild animals, though, there are wild humans. There are performers on every corner to be gawked at, great food and snacks to be had, and a hundred shows to go see every 30 minutes. From Olaf Falafel (which we saw, brilliant) to A Shark Ate My Penis (the kids saw this poster and thought it hilarious without any idea what it was about), there is something for everyone.

The amazing thing is just how well organized it all is and how much fun everyone is having, even the staff. Edinburgh is always a vibrant and fantastical place to go, and the Fringe month is its apex. If you are going, I would highly recommend the Pleasance collection of venues for any show and Olaf Falafel for any younger audiences.

The Cheese of Truth series is worth watching.

Here are a few snaps from our time roaming the streets.

Can’t wait to come back Edinburgh, thank you!

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  1. Phil Severson Avatar
    Phil Severson

    Wow – looks like a grand time for the whole family!!👍

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