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32 weeks (and counting)

The open plan living room is one of the bright spots in our house renovation project

Our house renovation has been going on for 32 weeks and counting.

I said it before but I’ll mention it again: this project is and continues to be in the top three most stressful experiences of my life.

How is it that, despite our windows and doors being installed incorrectly, our roof open to the elements, our ceilings taking water damage, and our floors on the verge of cracking apart, we are still able to smile and laugh? How is it that I’m still married!?

We don’t need the side of this roof covered, right?

It’s been a minute since I shared news on the house renovation. We moved back in for good a few weeks back. That fact alone has been a godsend and shifted our family energy, and our relationships with each other, to another level.

How is that?

Things have gone way past repair with our builder and we keep noticing more and more that still needs to be done, was done incorrectly, or must have been done by someone too drunk and high to know which way the hammer needed to be held.

They must have used toothpaste to put this vent on, seriously

It doesn’t matter though, really. To paraphrase the great Fresh Prince, it’s not our fault but it is our responsibility to move on.

That wood block should hold up the back door definitely.
Extractor fan to nowhere.

What I’ve realized more as this project has gone on is the following truths:

  1. It’s really hard to find people/companies that give a shit
  2. It’s really hard to find people/companies that are good at what they do
  3. You get what you pay for
  4. You should always trust your instincts
  5. Don’t rely on others to do work that you could do better
  6. If your goal is to get to “the end” you are going to be disappointed, enjoy the process

I think I’ve stumbled into that last one and that’s really the reason we can still smile and laugh. Despite everything, the crazy living situation with our in-laws for seven months created memories we’ll never forget and brought us closer together as a family. The adversity and conflict with our builder has expanded how my wife and I see each other and brought us closer.

The house might be broken, but that won’t break us.

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  1. Oh man, that’s so stressful! I can’t imagine what this situation must have put you through.

    I appreciate how you choose to be positive as a person, and as a family despite all this mess. Kudos!

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