Going from one beautifully crazy day to the next

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Have you ever shared a self-catering house with 30 other people, kids, and dogs in the Scottish highlands while also putting on a wedding for your parents?

Have you ever started a new job, moved house, started legal proceedings, and worked on multiple house construction projects simultaneously while also looking after your children?

This is what our last two weeks have looked like. It’s been crazy and stressful and beautiful all at the same time.

I haven’t been doing much of my usual stuff (including writing here) which started out intentional but has gone on for a little too long now. I’m feel unmoored.

It’s hard not to say “well I’m just really busy” and throw up your hands, but, as they say, we are all busy and we’ll always have more to do than we can. It’s not about fire fighting, it’s about being a fire marshall.

I’m trying to take that last sentiment to heart and treat this as another season that too shall pass.

So rather than write about our amazingly rich highlands adventure or how being a mostly full-time Dad is giving me new insights into my kids (each of which would be true in part) I’ll instead level with you that I’m not sure what to write about because there are just so many balls in the air. Maybe I’m too busy to focus or maybe I’ve been remiss in my core routines that always seem to ground me: running, sleeping, reading, drawing, etc.

Yeah, that’s probably it.

Just like a meditation practice is not about being present 100% of the time, but about recognizing when your mind drifts. This is my recognition. I’ve drifted a bit these past few weeks.

I’m back now and will take it one beautifully crazy day at a time.

Oh and in case you are still reading, I’ll share random selection of pics from our recent adventures up north.

Comments welcome!