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The (home) office door

Working from home full-time is fantastic, but having an office in a small house with two small children means that staying focused can be a challenge. As any parent will tell you, a closed-door is not a universally recognised symbol by children to knock or come back later. It’s more like a general invitation to […]


Are you the type of parent who:

Thinks hard about what kind of food is going into your kids body? Tries to include art and music education in your child’s daily education? Takes your kids traveling intentionally to get them away from the comforts they are used to and to see something new? Tries to encourage reading as a fundamental lifelong habit? […]

Featured Moving to Scotland Parenting

To uproot or not to uproot?

That is the question. Oh man, the weight of decisions as a parent can’t be underestimated.  I’ve always been fairly thoughtful and composed in any big decisions, but ADDING kids to the mix adds a hefty kettle bell to my arms. Life in America right now (apart from the utter political craziness we are part […]